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new recipe

i just typed this out for a friend and thought i’d stick it here in case my three readers would benefit:
i have the uncanny ability of making 4-5 servings of any meal without really measuring… so i’ll try to get the amounts right.
yummy pesto orzo salad
4 servings (check package) orzo cooked in lightly salted boiling water for 7ish minutes
1 baseball-sized chunk of fresh mozz (or you could get the little balls but i think they cost more per oz.)
1 $4 package of a chunk of feta (the already-crumbled feta falls apart too easily)
1 pkg grape or cherry tomatoes (at woodman’s, the grapes are cheaper for some reason)
1 red pepper
some frozen peas (for color–not required)
one little jar of pesto
i add onion and garlic to everything–green or yellow onion works best here
salt and pepper to taste
dice up the onion(s) and garlic, sautee in olive oil until translucent
halve the tomatoes
dice the pepper
slice up the mozz and feta into bite sized pieces
put all of that into a big bowl (or two, you’ll be stirring in the pasta and pesto, so sometimes two is easier)
once the pasta is done, drain it and rinse with cold water (to cease the cooking, and not melt the cheeses)
pour the orzo in and get everything mixed up, then start adding the salt, pepper, and pesto to your liking. if it’s not slippery enough, add some olive oil (or more pesto!)
i refrigerate this and bring it to work, by lunch time it’s room temp and yummy.