My Geeky Story

I’ve been fussing with computers since I was 13 or so. I grew up on Prodigy (this was even before AOL) and Madison BBSes. I carried my Mac Classic to my high school BASIC class. I built PCs while earning general credits at MATC. Did a stint at Sitel, doing Tech Support for AOL when everyone had dial-up and only one phone line. I graduated in 2001 with a Commercial Art Associate Degree (now known as the Graphic Design Degree) and started working at a local doll company. 

During my time there, I migrated swiftly back to being a Mac user, and away from design toward HTML and CSS. I worked there during the Golden Age of tables for layout, spacer .gifs, and IE5; what a time to be alive!

I learned how to color-correct scanned film, use jQuery to make nifty animations,  create annotated wireframes, and write usability tests. After being there for too long, I started my side quest: Gibsonworks, LLC, and, around the same time, began working at Earthling Interactive.

It was there that I was able to learn about WordPress, Expression Engine, Magento, Joomla!, and a few other interesting Content Management Systems. I also became proficient in PHP, jQuery, Twig, and SCSS, eventually getting promoted to Director with a team of developers and project managers.

I’ve recently breathed life back into my passion for Usability and User Experience Research and I’ve created a Usability Assessment system for identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to engage your customer, user, or prospect. 

If you’re the resume-reading type, have a look!

The rest

When I’m not sitting in front of a computer, I’m either at the dog park with Merle and TaterTot, knitting, playing Fallout 4, cooking, or making tiny things out of polymer clay. I can count to 10 in six languages, I know enough Braille to proofread signs in public spaces, and I know the American Sign Language alphabet plus a few choice words. My head line is longer than my heart line. I don’t hate much, but I hate when I get the hiccups. I have a penchant for gadgets and, if something is available in the color orange, I’ll probably buy it.

What folks say

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