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nine days of bekee

normally, this only happens once a year—on my birthday. but this year, our work vacation for the fourth of july grants us three days off next week, so i took advantage and won’t be at work at all next week.
we wanted to finish up the coop; it needs to be water sealed, flashing needs to be cut, and the roof needs to be fastened. but it’s supposed to be 140° all week. we *might* get some rain over the weekend, but it’s doubtful.
the chickens survived the heat wave yesterday, but we still have a summer to get through. apparently, non-layers have an easier time in the heat, so that’s comforting this year. but next year…
their coop was 100° last night.
maybe this is a good week to get the soft goods room set up so i can stop talking about trying to do it.