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happy summer!

it seems weird that it’s just now summer, since we had a hot spell in march and a cold spell in april. this summer has been coming along very nicely. the chickens are happy and clucking (save for the last two days when it’s been a heat index above 95). mom and i split a bi-weekly csa box this year from soldier’s grove and the first box yielded salads and potato-broccoli soup, and radishes and the best sugar and snap peas i’ve ever eaten!
we intend on putting in two more raised bed gardens and a flattened patio area in the middle of the back yard, but i have no experience in landscaping and pounding sand to make a flat surface, so that’ll be another thing to learn.
the foster cat is content and everyone is getting along swimmingly.
i have another week of work before i have nine days off.
i don’t have any new chicken pics to show you; i’ll try to get some this weekend.