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day 2 part 2

whoops! i was distracted yesterday and forgot.
here’s the previous version for reference; i didn’t re-read it before posting today:
10 likes: new yarn, sleeping in, slow cookers, making food with sweety, tv series’ on netflix, biking everywhere, when the dogs listen well, sushi, staying home in the cold rain, chickens!
10 dislikes: having to rely on a car, spending an hour a day commuting, trying to pick up poo in the fall (so many leaves!), soup that doesn’t turn out, when sweets has to work later than expected, the taste of grocery store veggies in the winter, bad dreams, forgetting to eat food and having to throw it away, messing up a stitch and not being able to repair it, running low on money.
i’ll try to remember day three tomorrow.