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day 3 part 2

“your day in great detail”
i guess i’ll edit this as the day goes on?
here’s last time.
i woke up at 4:02 am and had to go to the bathroom. the dogs usually follow me downstairs when i wake up in the morning but they know when it’s just too early. so they stayed in the bedroom. when i got back upstairs, it hadn’t occurred to me that nora would be in my spot so i practically broke her back plopping back into bed.
the alarm went off at 6:45 and i snoozed. crazy dreams can happen in those nine minutes between snoozing. i finally rolled out of bed, but not after power-cuddling and petting all three animals at once. it can be done.
i got my dailies (snacks for every day) together and let the dogs out. i was worried about the chickens for some reason, so i brought them scratch and more food. they were fine.
i had neglected to make personal kombucha last night, so i drove to woodman’s to get some nessalla (the local gals), since i hadn’t tried theirs yet… except once i attempted to balance it in my cup holder, i remembered trying this before. the girth of the bottle is too big!
so i mindlessly drove to work but got to take the back way, so i was able to have a chicken sighting at the farms on the way.
more to come later!