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oh my

from the looks of the blog, it would appear as tho i’ve fallen off the face of the earth.
this is not true, however, i haven’t been terribly motivated to write about anything lately. life is moving along at a tolerable pace, work isn’t too stressful or annoying, the chickens aren’t laying, the dogs are doing great, we’re knitting up a storm. life is pretty good!
i don’t have any pictures to show you, or anything to fill up the space here so it doesn’t look so lame; but i will try to come up with something every day this month.
maybe i’ll re-do the 30 day challenge, since that seemed to help. i could compare now to then… since it was almost two years ago.
here goes.
“write some basic things about yourself”
i like to bike. i’m thinking about getting this bike, i have six chickens, two parakeets, two dogs, and a cat. this is the most pets i’ve had since i was 23.
i’ve been getting more and more comfy in the kitchen with my sous chef, and have made my lunch every day for over a year now.
i can’t think of anything else right now.