i mentioned to a running co-worker that my legs seemed to get more sore as the day went by and he reminded me that i needed to stretch!
i had completely forgotten this step in an exercise routine, so i made him show me. apparently, you hold all of these for 15 seconds (don’t forget to do both sides!)*:
hands on a surface, back leg extended straight and front with knee bent.
hold yourself up, grab foot with hand and push knee backwards.
leg extended on surface, toe pointed up. bend forward at the waist.
hip (he described this one standing, but i prefer the sitting method):
sit and put an ankle up on a knee. push knee to ground while leaning forward.
place bottom of foot vertically on surface with a straight leg, gently lean forward.
i just realized this will add 2.5 minutes to the duration; i wonder if it should be done before or after the cool down walk.
*i am not a doctor. don’t blame or sue me if you hurt yourself.

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