not sure how it happened… a year ago, i was over 200 lbs. as is evidenced by this photo. i don’t think i’ve admitted that number before.

now, i’m almost regretting purging my dresser of my size 12s because my 14s barely fit anymore. i used to wear the belt because it’s orange and matches my shoes, but now i need it to keep the pants up.

i guess sitting at home every night and ordering burrito drive or banzo for dinner caught up to my waist.

anyhoo, i celebrated my new-found midsection by ordering a new dress! now, we just need to go out fancy again so i can wear it.


i’m not 100% sure i would have signed up for being a homeowner if i knew i would be doing it all by myself eleven years later.

yesterday, the appliance repair guy came over to investigate the issue with the washing machine; it needed a new door lock mechanism. the service call, labor, and parts came to about $230. after the guy left, i noticed the basement floor drain was backing up (this had previously happened during the memorial day party prep), so i donned some rubber gloves and sent all 25′ of my hand auger down the hole, only to retrieve little more than a mouse-sized ball of hair.

then i came back upstairs and started freaking out. i think it was the closest i’d been to a panic attack in probably six years.

you see, my brain immediately goes to places like “i’m gunna need to pay someone another thousand dollars to tear apart the basement to find the 90-year-old offending pipe.”

thankfully, the plumber who tore up the basement two years ago is still plumbing. i texted him and he called me back right away and is currently downstairs with an electric auger and is making a lot of banging noises. 

i hope he is able to solve the issue without having to chase pipes around the basement again.

this is only a test

i just activated the gutenberg block editor to try it out.

i also realized last night that i haven’t knitted in a long time and am just a tiny little bit excited for the weather to get cooler and to spend more time on the couch.


last week, a neighbor dropped off a bag of sweet corn and i had no idea what to do with it. fast-forward to a slowish day at work where i actually got to catch up on my feedly for basically the first time in four years and i came across this shrimp boil recipe which includes steamed sweet corn.

of course, i had potatoes and frozen shrimp but wasn’t sure what to do instead of the andouille sausage. thankfully, i’d recently splurged on a bunch of frozen food from costco and grabbed a big ol’ box of morningstar farms veggie sausage patties (rodney recently tried some at mickey’s for brunch and loves them). so, i layered the potatoes, sausage patties, and corn; threw in the old bay seasoning, poured water over and turned on the slow cooker.

five hours later, i popped the shrimp in for 10 minutes and served it up with a packet of rice and some melted butter.

it was so amazingly simple and delicious and perfect.

also, i mostly halved the recipe and we still had leftovers.

cue the fake gross-out noises

rodney has several cutesy nicknames for me and sometimes the adjectives and nouns get moved around, but my favorite is ‘sunshine blossom’. there’s also sweetie pie, sweetie pop, punkin pie, sweet pea, and lightning legs (on account of the speed with which i bike).

so cute.

steak! and salmon

dinner was pretty great; the whole day was, actually. i forewent any attempts to fix the washing machine so we started with brunch at mickey’s then headed to wilson’s for the cubs game—this is usually when i get my crossword puzzle time in—and then home to get ready for a night on the town. we had already discussed that i usually like to walk home after dinners downtown cuz a) i don’t want to pile on another $20 cab ride after a spendy dinner and 2) it’s a good way to walk off said spendy dinner and i like to get a latte and a cookie from mother fool’s.

we got downtown a little early, so stopped into the ‘dise beforehand. the pool table was occupied, so we didn’t get to play. right before 7, we hopped down the block and checked in.

our waitress was really nice, the water guy was always prompt. the escargots weren’t as amazing as i remember. i ordered the caesar salad and rodney got the wedge with roquefort. i got the salmon with asparagus and he got the ribeye on the bone with brussells sprouts. i tried a bite of the meat and it was a little too salty for my taste but wasn’t bad. my salmon was so-so, but i didn’t really expect magic with fish at a steakhouse. in retrospect, the walleye would have probably been a better choice.

i don’t think we got done before 9 and by that time, there was a sprinkle outside, so the walk back was refreshing. except for those wedge shoes that i mentioned. i think i made it one capitol block before i took them off.

needless to say, it was a really great evening and my legs and feet still hurt.

more good times

we got a chance to play pool last night; it had been a while as the tables weren’t available at all last weekend.

the week has flown by; unsure if that’s because our regularly scheduled programming was modified by the baseball game, or if life really is just getting that fast.

i forgot to mention that the washer stopped working, so i’m going to attempt to take it apart and unclog the drain pump on saturday? i’ll take pictures so i know how it goes back together; will post them here if anything interesting happens.

also, saturday is our 3-month anniversary and we’re going to have dinner at the tornado. i haven’t been there since a million years ago with matt. i got some fancy wedge shoes and a matching purse/shoulder bag to wear with the hippy dress that i wore to bridgette and durrell’s wedding. it doesn’t quite fit me anymore (i think i’ve lost 20 lbs since january) so i had to get some french safety pins to make some darts in the top; otherwise it won’t be very lady-like.

i’m hoping to hit up the paradise after dinner to play some pool. i think the last time i was *there* was either when the protests were happening or when we biked downtown for my birthday and it was freezing rain.

also, it’s august already. wtf?


as predicted, it was a blast.

we got there around 6:30 and found our way to the duck blind where we got a wristband and a cup. i had already scoped out the bevvies and we made our way to the drank stand and i got the cider they had (it was stella cidre but i refused to pronounce it that way) and we made our way back up to the seats where there were hot trays of free food, including veggie burgers! so that was dinner.

the game really was just sort of a background to what amounted to a work picnic. it was nice that not a lot of work-talk happened (some is inevitable). rodney tried his hardest to get people to participate in the clapping and hollerin’. it felt like a good practice for our cubs v. brewers game on labor day.

5 stars, will do again.

slow news week

work is a little slow this week, so i’m able to breathe and think, and be present for my team members when they need my help.

earthling is having an event tonight at the mallard’s game, and rodney and i are going to be in attendance. my previous excuse to not go was that matt and i had never been to a game and i didn’t want to enjoy the first one without him.

of course, right now, i’m like “can we not go and just have a regular evening?” but i know that mixing it up a bit is a good idea for us creatures of habit.

ugh and yay!

i ended up working from home on friday, and only a half day due to aunt flo. while it wasn’t as painful as last month, it didn’t instill any confidence. but, i guess i need to give it three months before things even out.

the rest of the weekend was a blast tho. it was atwoodfest, and i think i mentioned that i hadn’t been to most of the fests that rodney likes to attend, so wasn’t sure what to expect. it was very good people-watching tho. on saturday, we did a once over (that’s one lap up and down) and then found some grass in the shade in which to relax while listening to porky’s groove machine. on sunday, we did the same but stopped to get some food. i had a caprese melted sandwich and rodney got a pulled pork slider. i tried a bite and it was okay, but my grilled cheese was tastier—even if it wasn’t worth the $8 with $2 tip.