and just like that

the willy st fair has come and gone and this marks the end of summer (in my brain). the sun is setting noticeably earlier and it’s (thankfully) staying dark later in the morning.

we had a late night on friday, which included heading over to the sundown saloon to give that a whirl. we played a little pool and had a couple of drinks.

we attended the fair both days and i even got a little dancing in at the beats stage on saturday, but the sun was pretty relentless, so we didn’t stay too long. on sunday, we walked down from mickey’s to the wort stage (at the farthest end of the fair) to hear a couple bands, but the sun was out in full force again so we slowly made our way back to the car, stopping at the wisco to catch a bit of the game and taking a break outside of plan b next to tiffany’s tent.

an aside: my appetite hasn’t been real strong these past few weeks so i looked up the nuvaring side effects again and it lists, “appetite and weight change” as one of the possible effects. since i was worried it would be in the other direction, i’m not complaining, but i do need to keep an eye on it.

new roaster

you may remember that the roaster i use at least four times a week broke after a little over a year of use. in order for my pampered chef hookup to give me a free gift for the inconvenience, i had to wait until labor day weekend to order a new one. it arrived a couple nights ago and had its inaugural roasting last night.

brand new stonewear

since the chicken takes a little longer than the veggies, i season it and put it in the oven for about 10 minutes.

avocado oil, stubb’s green seasoning, and third ward from penzey’s spice house

the 10 minutes gives me time to chop up the veggies and to tell jones that he should get out of the kitchen cuz he doesn’t have thumbs.

“you eat with your eyes first!”

i spray the veggies with more avo oil and top with salt, pepper, and third ward and everything goes back in the oven for 35 minutes.


i check the thickest piece for temp and dinner is served!


all summer, i’ve been hanging out at wilson’s. and if you only know one thing about wilson’s, it’s that there are 28 tvs (give or take) and some form of sports is on every one (except the one that sandi leaves on cnn).

to be funny, i yell, “first down!” at a base hit or raise my hands like the refs for the extra point kick and yell, “gooooooal!” i even refer to ryan braun as aaron rodgers sometimes because i think it’s a hoot.

well, it turns out that rodney’s affiliation with the chicago teams is not a popular one, which makes wilson’s an annoying place to be when the brewers or packers are playing.

so, i bought a tv antenna. and we watched the bears v packers game from the comfort of the couch and about 80% less yelling at the tv. 

lookin’ forward

i’m excited for this weekend; probably because we have nothing specific planned. i kinda need a few things at costco but not really, so i may postpone the trip until next weekend. 

a wilson’s friend gifted us about 30 bluegill filets which i am more than excited to turn into fish tacos. we’d like to have him over for them for dinner as a thank-you, but he’s old school, so he may not appreciate the taco aspect of fish tacos. i said i could serve them “deconstructed” (and then i laughed) because it would sorta be like a fish fry except the slaw would be pickled red onions and the dinner roll would be a couple tortillas. we’ll see what he says about it. 

i need to put vacuum to the couch because it’s still covered in cat hair and we’ve had the windows open the last few days and i’ve been unable to breathe through both nostrils at the same time. thankfully, i bought an 8-pack of kleenex from costco the last time i was there.

since merle gets a lot of photo love, i thought i’d share some pics of jones with his turkey toy.

jones playing with “robert”
robert, a.k.a. “bob the gobbler”

fleeting time

pretty soon it’ll be the willy st fair and summer will be officially over!

we had a house guest this weekend, and also simon and beth’s backyard labor day party. that was a hoot! the mosquitoes were terrible (as expected) and everyone was dancing around trying not to get bit. i didn’t put on any repellant and i think i was in the same boat as everyone else, just with less deet.

we had sunday brunch at mickey’s with rodney’s sister and her boyfriend and, exhausted from the weekend, i laid down to nap at 7p and woke up around midnight. i guess i needed the rest.

on monday, we scooted off to milwaukee for my first miller park game. i donned a cubs shirt that i bought a couple months ago as a goof.

not being prepared for the weather, we sat in the back of the van watching our car neighbors grill out in the rain. once it let up a little, we hiked to the stadium and got ourselves inside. i had bought tickets a couple months ago in the nosebleed section, but we never left the entry-level floor cuz there are a million places to stand where you can see the game better. drinks were outrageously expensive, but i figured i should treat myself to a “double shot mason jar drink” for $19. yes, $19.

i gave the mason jar to a wilson’s friend who likes the brewers.

having thought ahead, i took tuesday off of work for some recovery time. we had lunch at mickey’s and walked up to ace so i could replace the tiny swiss army knife that was donated to miller park security. then headed to wilson’s for what turned out to be a pretty interesting afternoon.

we called it an early night and both got a lot of sleep to head back to work today. except, i woke up with kathryn hepburn’s voice and my own stuffed sinuses.

my boss said to make sure i didn’t have whooping cough because the brewers whooped the cubs last night (11 to 1). i guess i’m that gal now.

fancy pants

or fancy dress, i guess. we went out for dinner with p&m last night and i wore the other dress that i bought from soulflower a couple weeks ago. it’s very comfortable, probably because it’s 95% cotton. the bell sleeves were a little annoying while trying to play pool before heading out to dinner, but it’s a small price to pay for looking kinda cute.

paisan’s was nice; i had no idea how huge it was in there. i’d like to go back for lunch and try their pizza.

afterward, we went up to the condo for adult beverages and maureen snapped a pic of rodney and i. don’t let the bright white of my legs blind you.

also, we have a whirlwind of a weekend coming up, so i’m really glad i took tuesday the 4th off.


testing the grammarly issue again so i can submit a bug report.

for some reason, after updating the plugin from 3.4.0 to 3.6.2, grammarly no longer checks the paragraph block consistently.

friday, saturday, sunday! thanks, costco. i’ll keep typing onto two lines to see if it’ll check this block. not yet!

for those of you following along, updating the plugin fixed the rss feed issue, but now grammarly is highly delayed in checking the blocks for errors…

found a bug

i am not sure who i will notify, but i found a bug using gutenberg blocks and the grammarly plugin for chrome. if a word is flagged by grammarly as unknown or, in my case, not capitalized, it doesn’t make it into the blog post in my feedly rss feed.

apologies to readers who have been seeing choppy posts because of this.


another amazing weekend on the books. we played some really good pool on friday night; i held the table for six games against a stranger and rodney. saturday, mom, and george came out so we could use the truck to go pick up a futon frame in the event that we get a house guest in the near future.

after that, there was the matter of brunch and cubs and more pool. we had a nice pizza dinner (thanks costco!) and watched the score with bobby and ed. 

on sunday morning, i somehow managed to sleep in until 9! it’s been an awfully long time since that happened. we brunched, skipped orton park again, more cubs, more pool. 

also, this is the second nuvaring cycle and i didn’t suffer from a single cramp event. now if my new acne problem will even out, i might be a hormonal birth control convert.