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Hi, I’m Bekee!

Jill of all trades
for over 20 years.

My Trades


I like to take web designs and turn them into building blocks of code. Using a combination of Advanced Custom Fields and PHP logic, I can give you a smart Admininistration interface that outputs content for your users. I also make sure you can edit all content yourself without needing a developer if you ever get a new phone number.

Project Management

You know about Cheap / Fast / Good. You can only pick two! It’s a real-life summary of a repeatable situation. I am capable of making clients understand. I keep my schedules realistic, projects under budget, and provide Administrative training to the folks in charge of the content.

User Experience

Honestly, this is where I shine. Personas, Wireframes, User Flows. It’s a gift that I can pretend to be any person and take a whack at what they think, feel, and want from the experience you have to deliver. 

Information Architecture

That sounds neat, doesn’t it? IA is more than a buzz-word (“buzz-acronym” does not flow off the tongue), and it’s important to be able to organize your data in a coherent way. I can do that.

Team Player

Since I speak both languages, I can collaborate with designers and developers; I can manage people and I can be managed. I can also self-direct and don’t need (don’t really prefer) a lot of hand-holding. 


Client Support

I’m really good at talking to folks in a way that allows them to feel comfortable and involved in the solution to their problem. Ask me about The Paper Jam Situation if you would like an example.


I’m the founder of the local WordPress Meetup group and like to keep the local technology interest flowing. Come check us out!


Copy Editing

I’m not formally trained, but I worked with one of the best and learned a thing or two. I also think reading Strunk & White sounds like a good Friday evening.

Git & Version Control

If you’ll let me, we’ll host your site on a version controlled server with access to staging environments so you can test out your ideas without anyone being the wiser! Then, when everything is ready, launch is just a button-push away.

Other CMSes

WordPress is my favorite, but sometimes Craft, Expression Engine, or Squarespace fit your situation better. I’ll help you choose the one that makes sense for you.

Graphic Design

My formal training is from Madison College in Graphic and Web design. Even thought it’s been a while since I’ve flexed those muscles, I still have an eye for good design, which translates to reputable choices.

Working with You

I’m super nice and really easy to get along with, just ask me! My communication style is adaptable and I can collaborate with just about everyone.

About Me

I’m a bicycling commuter with a knitting problem. I love animals and have had more than my share of a small zoo but have recently become a one-dog household. I am a proficie nt cook, and I prove that as often as I can on my other blog, Gunna Finish That?

I knit, sew, watch bad TV and zombie movies, I yawn a lot, I speed a little, I like my things just-so.

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