no party this year

i guess, in all my excitement about getting the house situated and the food blog, i forgot to announce that i’m not having a memorial weekend party this year.

i used to joke that it was an excuse to clean the house so it was at least presentable in the dark. there isn’t much to clean now, since we’re keeping it relatively clean and i’ve purged a lot of things from the first floor rooms.

also, i’m sad to report that Marco passed away last night, in my hoody.

my silence is a *good* thing

after having this blog for over 15 years, you’d think i would have learned a thing or two about how difficult it is to keep it up. or make time for it.

i’ve written quite a few posts to the food blog, and have about five in draft mode, waiting for me to sit down and write. the posts about “original” recipes take the longest, clocking in around 3 hours. the ones about other people’s recipes are only a little shorter because i don’t have to write the actual recipe card content, but still 2-2.5. the reviews (there’s only one) and how-tos (also one) are the quickest. i think i busted out the avocado one last night in 20 minutes.

in addition to getting posts ready are the photos. i had started eyeing DSLR cameras and checking out the forreal food bloggers for their recommendations, but their cameras are in the 1.5-2k range. i cannot drop that much on a camera. but, i told myself, i could drop that much on a new iphone! so i treated myself to the iphone xr this past weekend (it’s 1k over 30 months) and the camera is amazeballs.

i can’t wait to upload pics of dinner tonight for a sixth article-in-the-wait!

back to mine

i never would have thought a new sauté pan and a new toilet (both of which were replacing ancient versions of themselves) would make me feel so much happier in my house.

i think i finally have all of the rooms the way i want them, except for the paint… i want to do the bathroom, bedroom, and living/dining room. it’s time for a change (the kitchen and hallway color is perfect).

since it’s the start of birthday week, i slept in until 9 and we coffeed on the couch, i walked the dogs, we planned a handful of meals for the week, went to woodman’s, made migas, and now he’s watching the cubs while i work on *drum roll please!*

my new food blog!

i’m really surprised at how much time it takes me to write a post! i hope it gets a little faster, but it probably won’t because i’m meticulous with my choice of words and have a lot to talk about.

it’s been good, though. i like thinking more about easy meals that i wish friends would make instead of ordering out all the time (like i used to) or eating at chain restaurants. i think, in the last 11 months, i’ve ordered for delivery six times. that’s a complete 180° from me even two years ago. it’s exciting to know that i get to re-read my cookbooks knowing how to plan for leftovers and knowing better substitutes.

i probably won’t post so much food here now, so head on over to the Gunna Finish That? facebook page or the site itself.

almost ready

after arduously sketching, designing, and picking colors, i landed on a logo for the food blog, which, after the domain name, is the most important thing.

i got the facebook page set up but have been having trouble with instagram cuz there was “sorry an error occurred” when i tried signing up the first time, so now they think my both email address and the @name is in use, so i can’t sign up.

anyhoo, i took pics of the first featured meal last night and have a list of the next few in my head. i think i’d like to launch with five meals and try to post two a week. that seems reasonable.

new adventure!

i’ve been posting a lot of food pics on facebook in an attempt to bring it back to the “boring social media” of food and dog pics, instead of political arguments and neighborhood groups taking pot shots at each other.

after one such post, my aunt suggested that i start a food blog. immediately, my mind went to, “but what would be the best domain name?” instead of, “could i really pull that off? how would that even work since i’m making other people’s food.”

well, i found a domain name, and have a rough sketch of a plan to get things started. i will be mostly showcasing recipes that i love from authors that i adore, sharing my modifications but always giving credit to the original post/book/blog.

i think it will also give me the opportunity to show friends that they can make food, too! it doesn’t have to be as arduous as some folks think it is, and i’ll even share my follies if i ever have them ;)

once i get the site up and have a few recipes queued, i’ll post the url here.


after a long hiatus, i finally let myself get back on the bike and stop being chauffeured around. i’ve got what i dub “saddlebutt“, which is the painful feeling right in the rear that happens when one gets on one’s bike after not biking for over a month (or more). the pain is subsiding after day four 

my mood seems uplifted lately. i’ve been arranging most of the rooms in the house, donating or regifting things that i don’t need anymore. we have a dining table, we can use the kitchen counters, and the office is next. i’d like to clean up the bookshelves and start compartmentalize things in there.

i submitted a march madness bracket at wilson’s yesterday. it’s $10 to play… maybe i’ll win a bunch back!

work has been relatively more stressful lately. i asked for a mental health day next friday. i just need to make it five more business days. rodney’s birthday is the 30th, and i’m trying to figure out where we should go for dinner. graft, morris ramen, and rare are all in the running. i’m sure you’ll hear all about it after next weekend, gentle reader.


i’ve been lax in my bullet journalling lately. i pretty much stopped writing down everything except for the two main meals that i eat each day so i think i might be done? or taking a break? idk. there was a journal that had the whole year laid out and i thought that was silly but now that i think about it, it would likely encourage me to write something down instead of skipping.

maybe i need to go back to the unorganized, scratchy layout. or maybe not.

i guess i’ll see how i feel.

busy weekend

on friday, we made ahi tuna steaks and steamed broccoli with rice. i used the same dressing recipe that we use for the arugula salad with roasted chicken and it was excellent.

asian dressing

we spent a while on saturday at mounds. i’m trying to find the right kind of dog food for jones because of his kidney numbers. low protein doesn’t exist apparently, because everything is “grain free” and “high protein” these days. i found some sweet potato and bison food that’s 20%. i read somewhere online that red meat is easier to digest than white for the older, kidney-issue dogs. anyhoo, it’s been a week since i got the email from the vet with this information, and i’ve emailed her twice but haven’t heard back.

then, we shopped, made breakfast, and i made another batch of fancy biscuits; charlie bears are too high in protein to give him anymore—and merle just sticks her nose up at them.

saturday night, we had bibimbap, which is a korean dish of fried rice and veggies. i had a jar of kimchi in the fridge for probably two years and finally opened it up for this. we used gwennie’s recipe and it was amazing. we talked about it all day on sunday.


on sunday, we made migas, which is spanish for crumbs. it’s a way to use up old corn tortillas that would normally just crumble when folded in half. it was pretty amazing.


rodney went to wilson’s to watch the badger basketball game and i tooled around the house. then picked a friend up to go to woodman’s (he’s without a car right now).

sunday night, we made portobello mushroom burgers. when i was still a veggie, these mushroom burgers permeated every menu in town. disgustingly doused in balsamic vinegar and cooked until squishy. this version was way better! lemon juice and olive oil with a little garlic, salt, pepper. and cooked until just underdone; because they had to be broiled for a minute to melt the cheese. scrumptious.

burgers and fries

oh. and the kicker this weekend: matt moved his stuff out of the basement and we discovered black mold. which may explain my inability to breathe in the winter (well, that and the cat hair in the vents).

been busy

i went back up to the 50mg of sertraline cuz the symptoms of reducing were annoying (catch-22?) and things have been fine since.

i’ve completed the 21-day yoga and will start the series over on monday. the time change is already affecting my sleep, so i’m hoping to wake up early enough to enjoy and not have to rush.

the trapeze has also been a big help for inversion/traction. i haven’t gotten on it this week but will start a pattern of use soon.

we had a routine vet visit last weekend and, since jones is 14, had a senior blood panel done. the vet said she sees “age-appropriate kidney changes” and we need to get him onto a low protein food. luckily(?), i have some royal canin leftover from nora, so i’ve been mixing that in with the mounds food to get him used to it and will be checking the pet store for other options that don’t require a prescription (royal canin is about 200% more expensive than the current food).

merle needs to be scheduled for another teeth cleaning. i don’t know if you remember, but last year, i had her in on one of my birthday week days and i spent the entire day on the couch in a panic, waiting for the vet to call.

she sleeps

and now for some food:

turkey burgers and cauli-tots
baked jerk catfish and roasted veggies
roasted chicken legs with arugula, wild rice, and a yummy dressing
roasted thighs and a roasted beet salad with toasted sesame seeds

it’s really nice being able to spend time with my person and make food together and enjoy hanging out at home.

i purged a bunch of kitchen stuff last month and was able to make some major improvements with the counter space in the kitchen last weekend. i also cleaned up the front room as we’re preparing to find a dining table that seats at least four. i’d like to start having people over for dinner/brunch/meals (rodney makes kick-ass scrambled eggs; you wouldn’t think there’s really a comparison of scrambled eggs, but there is).

work is going okay… we’re down a few people and have plenty of work to do. i feel like i spend a lot of my day as an air-traffic controller as far as receiving, assigning, tracking, managing, and monitoring tickets. i might be able to help develop a site in a couple weeks, but my dev is so speedy that he’ll probably have it done before he goes on vacation for a week. 

anyhoo, hug your pets and your person, smile when you wake up, and take on each day with purpose and resilience. 

noticeably agitated

for fun, i decided to cut my sertraline in half, down to 25mg. the doc said she didn’t see a problem with it since 50mg is so low already. it’s only been a week, and i’m feeling the effects of “discontinuation syndrome“. who knew that was a thing?

i’ve been terser in the work chat this week, and this may explain my inexplicable need for a four-hour nap on sunday.