forgive me, father

for it’s been six days since my last bike ride.

it had been threatening to rain in the afternoon last thursday and friday, so rodney gave me a ride; saturdays and sundays i don’t get on the bike anymore; monday was torrential and yesterday i think i got lazy.

i really shouldn’t skip so many days tho, because the feeling while biking is wondrous. i almost started crying cuz i was so happy to be biking by the lake (or is it the hormones?), with the august sun on my arm and face. 

after the 3.5″ of rain we got on monday, lake monona is juuust barely almost up to the bike path near the terrace.

in other, unrelated news, my favorite pampered chef roaster broke last night. luckily it was after dinner and after all the chicken grease and oil had been cleaned off.

boo! :(

i’ve only had it for a little over a year, so i’m hoping my contact can get me a replacement (since they’re $55–i got this one on sale for $28).

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