there are traits that i have and i can’t remember if  i learned them or always did them; and if i did learn them, how long ago was it? one of those traits is being stressed out when the kitchen is dirty. mom will tell you that i hated doing the dishes when i was a kid, but it was my job to  bleach out the porcelain sink when it got unbearable. maybe i just liked the smell of bleach.

every month, i get “nesty” and *have* to clean the sink, counters, and stove top. i almost emptied out and cleaned the fridge this last time, but just cleaned one crisper drawer because it was embarrassing.

another trait is that i tend to go full boar when i get an idea in my head to do something. this weekend, that resulted in my registering for an LLC, getting my EIN, and making an appointment with a CPA (these acronyms are too much).

i need to work on branding and a web presence, and my one clients’ website.

i’m also attempting to learn gregg shorthand. i’m on the second round of chapter 2; i’m finding the repetition to be helpful, even tho it still looks like a bunch of squiggles to me.

i’ve been trying to alternate between shorthand and web work on the weeknights that i don’t get matt, but i have a deadline for my one client, so they might need to take precedence for the next week and a half.

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