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kurt and i have perfected the art of the fish taco. yea, yea, you might be saying, “gross”, but if you’ve never tried one, then you don’t know what you’re talking about.
we’ve determined, from a smattering of different fishes, that the best fish-taco fish is ahi tuna. we dry-rub simply organic’s fish taco seasoning (just a half a packet per meal), and pan-fry the fish until it flakes. then we toast up the soft corn tortillas over the flame and top ’em with cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and salsa.
however, last night we decided to try tex tubb’s taco palace after having braved the grand opening two weeks ago. it was still pretty good, they got better with the homemade salsas, and the service was expeditious, almost too fast, as we weren’t able to enjoy the chips and salsa for as long as we’d have liked.
the grilled portobella mushroom taco was awesome; it came sprinkled with chunks of feta. the mahi was a little dry, presumably because we arrived about an hour and half before closing, and they weren’t very busy. the achiote tilapia was good, too. they serve up the fish tacos california-style.. that is, with cabbage, some sort of white sauce, and pickled onions; which i could do without. but, for tacos cheap, we’ll be back, for sure.