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pressure cooker part deux

i made gyro seitan on saturday for my lunches this week, and i decided to try using the pressure cooker instead of the steamer (for an hour) or the oven (for 3 hours)… i guess, aside from the time savings, another selling point is that the pressure cookers don’t use up so much energy. it worked out well, i’m happy to report.
i saw a video this morning, which highlights all the elements to look for in a pressure cooker. unfortunately, it came two weeks late, and it appears that i’ve chosen the exact opposite of what i should have.
i got a 6-quart aluminum with a pressure indicator that you have to lean over to see, when i should have gotten an 8-quart, stainless steel cooker with an indicator that i can see from across the (albeit, not very big) kitchen.
so, i have this puppy on my wishlist save-for-later list. i know it’s also 6-quarts, but i’m not browning meats in the bottom, and if i have some strange desire to sautée four large onions before cooking something, i’ll pull out the frying pan.
i’m not going to purchase the new one just yet, i need to make sure the pressure cooker earns its keep in my kitchen before i commit to a second one. come on, i’m not *that* crazy.