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i’ve spoken of weird habits before, and i don’t know when this started either, but i save bags, foil, and plastic wrap (within reason) as if i were a child of the great depression.

banzo uses these great big paper bags and i can’t bring myself to throw them out because they’ve got to be useful for something, so i tuck them between the couch and the end table.

restaurants wrap everything in foil, so i flatten it out and keep it in the kitchen. protip: storing celery and cheese in foil (separately) makes it last way longer. you’ll be amazed.

plastic bags have always been saved in our house. mom even got me a nice little plastic bag holder from ikea (holy crap! they’re only $2?!) that’s full all the time.

and plastic wrap is perfectly reusable on dry items, at least two times.

so, i give you my drawer at work: