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dollah bills, yo

putting a monthly budget on paper can be mighty humbling; and a little frustrating. it does make me realize, however, that i’m awfully glad i’m not any *further* in debt. i’ll leave you with this picture. it’s not great, but i was having a...

sorry folks

i haven’t been feeling very “sharey” lately. some personal biz is consuming my thinker and it’s really not appropriate content for a social blog. i have made a small amount of progress on my deck of cards, but nothing to the point of being able...

still sick

this lingering cough and sinus thing has made me kinda cranky. i’ve been waking up at 1 and 4 every morning to hack a bit, then toss and turn for two hours, then drag my ass outta bed. i’ll try to be more interesting soon, promise.

couldn’t do it

i’ve not slept 3 hours straight in five days; i just could not get up for work this morning. hopefully i’ll be able to breathe enough to enjoy the nice day. at least i can bike slow.

i like to do drawrings

i’ve kinda shied away from the lino cut idea, just for now. i think i need to focus on recalling my ability to draw and design. it’s been far too long. i’ve pulled out an old sketchbook, which contained notes from life drawing, and my portfolio class...