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this morning, my boss asked if i was in a better mood than yesterday. i said i didn’t think so, he offered to help, and i said, “unpack my life!” the surface of the kitchen is a mess. the sink is caked with acrylic paint. it was the first room in...


really, after this i’m done. we slept at the new house this weekend! saturday night, we had the futon on the first floor and fell asleep watching children of men; the first half of the movie was good, the neighborhood was highly quiet. last night, we set up the...

one more thing

and then i’m done. kurt canceled cable. i started reading midnight in the garden of good and evil last night. i haven’t read a book in like 2 years. i’m still on part one. it’s pretty interesting so far.


i had the phone/dsl switched to the new place on the 20th, and had a chance to test that yesterday morning. i still don’t have dsl at home… so you’ll have to wait patiently for pics.


we moved everything else this weekend. i am sore. and i wish i didn’t have to work in order to pay for the house we just bought.