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Work was definitely crazy today. A whole performance of the Wizard of Oz done in less than 3 minutes. I was an honorary member of the Guild. Everyone had an excellent time and I’m betting we won the pizza party this year. :)


from 01.21.14 we’ve added two parakeets, six chickens, and four cats to our menagerie since my last update of this entry. i’ve declared a moratorium on the number of feet in the house. from 04.27.11 my name is bekee g. gibson. it occurred to me that many...

Halloweener is near

They’re going totally crazy at work getting things ready for The Wizard of Oz. This is all very silly. I’m almost considering calling in sick tomorrow, but I won’t because then I’ll be leaving Denise to fend for herself. Ugh. We’re...


We (Kelli, Adam, Kurt and I) went to see The Ring last night. Aside from the drunk, obnoxious, and childish crowd, I thought it was pretty okay. Kinda scary, kinda lame. I’m hard to impress though.