a whole week of biking

the rain is cooperating, so far; i haven’t had to curse the sky yet. it has, however, gotten quite humid and warm these past few days… so i need a plan for that. i’ll probably have to keep a hand towel at work, and bring a change of shirt. the new bag is quite large and keeps close to the back, making a rorschach design, i’m sure.

i guess there’s a shower somewhere here at work, but i’m not really keen on using it; public showers have never been a favorite.

next week is national bike to work week… i wonder how annoying that is to people who have been biking to work every day for years. there are going to be a lot of events around downtown, including a water bottle give-away from my company; since we’re right on the bike path.

i still revel with joy about the circumstances that got me here.

i went from this:



to this:


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