so i just had another awesome week off work for my birthday. this one didn’t go by as quickly as past bday weeks; i’m not sure why, but it was nice.
we spent a lot of time out of the house on bikes, so that was good. we did not, unfortunately, build the chicken coop. i feel like we don’t know enough about what we’re doing to make up a plan and get the right supplies. cedar is too expensive to buy too much extra… so we’ll wait a little longer. it seems ok, since pullets aren’t really available til the end of the summer.
we busted out the everlasting fun balls a couple times, i had forgotten how occupying they can be:
we also ran into a friend who shares the same shirt humor that i do:
so … i’m back to work, and it’s ok. i’m waiting for them to raise my desk so i can stand some of the time. my back has been bothering me since … december? i was having sciatic pain in my left butt cheek until yesterday morning, when that went away… but now my right foot and the outside of my right leg is tingly. i’ve been doing some stretches in my cube every once in a while, but not with much consistency.
i don’t think the weight i’ve put on over the last six months is helping, so i need to come up with a plan for getting rid of that.
oh! matt got me an awesome stylus for my birthday… so, i’m trying to get my comic back up and running. humorous topics are starting to emerge, i just need to take better notes, i guess.
stay tuned.


we just had a long weekend; easter and all. it went quickly, but was nice.
alex is always smiling:
or sleeping:
i played a lot of “draw something!”
my back’s been bothering me … i’ve self-diagnosed sciatica. my left butt cheek throbs when i clear my throat. i’ve been doing some stretches that really help, but i feel weird laying on my cube floor… i might make a sign to put on the back of my chair. “i have sciatica and am stretching. do not be alarmed!”
we’re starting to think about the garden. in addition to my having joined a csa this year, i think we over-did it last year; we had a few too many plants to take care of. i think we’ll stick with cukes (and fewer of those, too), tomatoes, maybe thai peppers again, and radishes.
also, i got a rhubarb plant from the nursery down the street. i’ve always wanted one (or more!) so i hope it flourishes.