sorry it’s been so long!

things have been rather mellow… in a good way. so here are a bunch of photos to entertain you.
the peach tree was planted almost exactly two years ago… she’s gotten a heck of a lot taller and fuller:
it’s probably due to the very very warm temps we’ve been having… as is witnessed by nora’s waggly tongue:
in addition to the heat helping our plants grow huge, we caught a bumble bee helping to pollinate the flowers last weekend:
which resulted in some huge fellas picked recently:
and, to round it all out, the rain we’ve been getting has cleared our creek of a lot of algae… hopefully we can get the canoe in there soon:

first fruits

we picked our first results of all of our hard work last night:
i have a feeling we’re going to be overwhelmed with cucumbers and might have to get used to eating them in creative ways so as not to waste them. two years ago, i ended up giving three 1lb cukes to the kitchen at mickey’s because there was no way i could have eaten them in an appropriate amount of time.
also, i have another three-day weekend coming up. i’d like to vacuum out my car and mop the kitchen floor (that task from last weekend was dismissed as not-yet-necessary).
it is predicted that today will be the hottest day of the year, beating the record high by two degrees.


my first successful batch of kombucha is ready to flavor… i have eleven old gt’s kombucha bottles (at $3.49 a piece!) to fill. i can’t believe i spent that much on kombucha and now i can make my own! hopefully i don’t have another mold incident before i get the scoby hotel going.
progress pics to come, if i remember to take them.

perception of time

i’ve been really busy at work for the last week and a half… i’ve finished 12 projects of varying sizes and feel kind of exhausted about it, and i still have two more things to knock out before the end of the week.
as a benefit, i’m surprised it’s already thursday. i’m looking forward to the weekend and being with my sweets. the two things i want to accomplish this weekend/friday are mowing the lawn and super-scrubbing the kitchen floor. taking care of the lawn is a requirement but the floor… well, that may accidentally get overlooked.

more occasions

a year and a half ago, i quit smoking; haven’t looked back once.
four years ago tomorrow, i became a bona-fide homeowner.
also, my third attempt at kombucha and growing a scoby has been highly successful:
jones found a bunny:
and, although we did not make it over the waves in the lake, we had a marvelous picnic on the canoe:


the long weekend is over… jones is very sad this morning, he can tell when i have to go back to work and always looks forlorn.
my third attempt at kombucha is going well. i got new tea and am using gt’s to start a scoby, so hopefully that’ll do it.
this weekend, matt cleared an area of tiger lillies and planted his vining flowers, and we fixed the front porch… resulting in a bonk on my forehead. the story is much better told audibly, so i’ll leave it at that.
also, i got a drum: