dollah bills, yo

putting a monthly budget on paper can be mighty humbling; and a little frustrating. it does make me realize, however, that i’m awfully glad i’m not any *further* in debt.
i’ll leave you with this picture. it’s not great, but i was having a great day by myself when i took it:
lake mendota

sorry folks

i haven’t been feeling very “sharey” lately. some personal biz is consuming my thinker and it’s really not appropriate content for a social blog.
i have made a small amount of progress on my deck of cards, but nothing to the point of being able to brag about.

still sick

this lingering cough and sinus thing has made me kinda cranky. i’ve been waking up at 1 and 4 every morning to hack a bit, then toss and turn for two hours, then drag my ass outta bed.
i’ll try to be more interesting soon, promise.

couldn’t do it

i’ve not slept 3 hours straight in five days; i just could not get up for work this morning. hopefully i’ll be able to breathe enough to enjoy the nice day. at least i can bike slow.

i like to do drawrings

i’ve kinda shied away from the lino cut idea, just for now. i think i need to focus on recalling my ability to draw and design. it’s been far too long.
i’ve pulled out an old sketchbook, which contained notes from life drawing, and my portfolio class (from 10 years ago!) and i will resurrect it for the purposes of design inspiration and sketchables.
aand, i’m kinda mad that i only just got a crock pot. i just put chopped onion, a can of diced tomatoes, a bag of crumbles, a can of water, and a bouillon cube into it. 4 minutes of work results in lunch for two days. amazing.
i have been thinking a lot lately about stuff i won’t put on the internets, even in this low-traffic medium; but i realize that i cannot expect any one to be my muse. except for me, of course.
also, i will complete and hand in braille lesson 7 today. i think.

linocut deck

so, i’ve figured that i need 28 4×6″ soft-kut blocks to accommodate 54 cards and a back. i can’t decide if i should make two jokers. i also think i should experiment with making it a playable deck.
too bad masco and the other art place on state closed; i am loathe to go to michael’s craft mart. maybe i’ll see if wisco crafts has lino-cut bricks.


i seem to have contracted some sort of springtime cold. but i can’t stay home from work because i’m taking friday off to spend the day with kurt for his bday (which is actually tomorrow).
and i don’t want to get sicker because tomorrow evening i’m going to see v.s. ramachandran speak at the union and it would be miserable if i were snorting and coughing the whole time.
i’ve been kinda lax in my braille lately. i haven’t even opened up my laptop except for maybe saturday mornings to check the weather forecast. i should be more diligent so i retain more.
also, this design*sponge post reminds me that i wanted to design a deck of cards a long time ago until i realized how much it would cost to print. but maybe i can do a block-printed set… which might not be any less expensive but could be more fun. that might be a good summer goal. i remember learning about why some kings have daggers and other have swords, and one-eyed jack (which made the “gentleman’s club” in twin peaks make a little more sense); this was all about 10 years ago.
time is silly.


i got this awesome end table from a friend who’s moving to another continent. it’s hand-carved from morocco.
end table


another thing i noticed as a non-smoker is that it seems that i have more time. it’s weird, you wouldn’t think something so passive would take up time, but it did. another reason to feel foolish about having been a smoker.
speaking of time, i find myself filling a lot of it with tasks that, in the past, i wouldn’t care about. for example, this weekend i intend to get an oil change and a car wash, clean the fridge (it hasn’t been scrubbed out in an embarrassingly long time), adjust the organization of the computer room (a new desk requires moving stuff around), and finish my super awesome sweater.
also, tonight is girls’ night out, which means dancedance revolution at the inferno.
aaaand, i have til tuesday to finish the diary of anne frank; i’m currently on page 11.


i just ordered two more copies of allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking to lend out. it is my goal to get as many of my friends to quit as i can without being an asshole about it.