this morning, my boss asked if i was in a better mood than yesterday. i said i didn’t think so, he offered to help, and i said, “unpack my life!”
the surface of the kitchen is a mess. the sink is caked with acrylic paint. it was the first room in which we started putting things, so the box for the dehumidifier is acting as storage and garbage, simultaneously. other peoples’ painting accessories are randomly placed so i don’t forget to return them. the worst part is that we shoved every belonging into the downstairs bedroom, and we can’t find anything. even though i labeled each box. my favorite is the one that says “kitchen. knives!!1”
you’d think i’d be happy to have delivery food out of necessity, but it’s contrary to the plan.


really, after this i’m done.
we slept at the new house this weekend! saturday night, we had the futon on the first floor and fell asleep watching children of men; the first half of the movie was good, the neighborhood was highly quiet.
last night, we set up the back bedroom with minimal necessities (the floors are getting redone on friday, so we don’t want to have to move too much crap back downstairs).
i slept like a log. and woke up late cuz i set my clock’s time for the wrong 12 hours.


i had the phone/dsl switched to the new place on the 20th, and had a chance to test that yesterday morning. i still don’t have dsl at home… so you’ll have to wait patiently for pics.


we moved everything else this weekend. i am sore.
and i wish i didn’t have to work in order to pay for the house we just bought.


i’ll change lanes abruptly because i get sick of staring at the rear of an ugly isuzu jeep-thing, or a honda element.


if everyone thanks god that it’s friday with such vehemence, doesn’t that indicate that something is wrong, and if something is that wrong, shouldn’t it be fixed? or at least addressed?


i’m home again today. i think this is the first time ever that i’ve been affected by something so much that i have missed two, full, consecutive days from work. it makes me feel weird.
the worst part is my anxiousness to pack, clean, etc. but i can’t bend over to pick stuff up! grr. i can barely pick up jones’ poo on a walk, let alone chase him around at the dog park.
back issues are one of those things that someone who has never had them will never understand.

feeling chatty today

i guess it’s cuz the only thing i can do is sit in the chair and get up to stretch every 10 minutes.
the ferrets have been at their new home for 2 weeks as of today… and i miss them. but with all the house stuff, they would have been stuck in their cage for days at a time, only seeing me to force tinker to take medicine. i’d probably have become someone they hated after a short while. i hope they’re doing well…

shout out

i just want to thank closetpunk77, whoever s/he is, for letting me use your internet connection today. it seems my neighbor’s (who has granted permission to use his wireless) connection isn’t cooperating. it won’t connect, even though it’s at “good” signal strength. so, closetpunk77, i thank you.