i was blessed with good hair and a bad scalp. my scalp gets so dry in the winter, it’s terrible. but, i think i’ve found something that seems to be working. i’ve been taking iron, along with my one-a-day, at lunch.. but without the consistent routine over the holiday, i stopped out of forgetfulness, and it seems to be affecting my scalp’s temperament.
skin issues run in the family.. all my aunts and my mom (i think) have rosacea… we also, most of us, have a prominent mole on our face. mom’s is on her forehead, and aunt sue’s is on her nose. i have one on my left temple. i don’t know about the other aunts (or uncles, for that matter). weird.


i dumped my stash onto the carpet early this week, in order to refresh my mind as to what’s in the huge rubbermaid bin; and to see if any combos jumped out at me… unfortunately, i have little of anything that matches and if it does match, there aren’t enough yards to do anything with. and why did i buy so much sugar ‘n cream when i started knitting? i h8 cotton. i also have this weird green ribbon yarn that i got from st. vinny’s. i think i just bought it because it was yarn and it was cheap. then there’s a couple balls of ggh esprit that i suppose i could use as cuffs for my bittens. a ball of some yucky-to-knit-with suede yarn, also from elann. maybe this experience will disuade me from buying yarn online unless i’ve seen it irl first. like my favorite, old standby, brown sheep lamb’s pride worsted. i <3 that stuff. off to experiment!

well i never

i’ve had this skein of colinette point 5 for over a year. i got it on ebay because i loved the colors, and it was cheaper than retail. i tried making a scarf out of it on 5 different sized needles yesterday, and none of them were cooperating. i’ve never had this hard of a time with any bit of yarn until now. i finally had about 2′ done on US15 needles and decided to frog it. i said, outloud to no one, “maybe this yarn doesn’t want to be a scarf. maybe it wants to be a hat.

also, too

ignore the hilarity of this website and click on the blonde girl on the bottom left. hip star hair styles.
that’s how i’m getting my hair cut on tuesday. i was scheduled for a cut on jan 6 but there was no way i could wait that long. i can’t handle how long my hair is in back; let alone for another 2 weeks.


t-4 hours until i don’t have to set foot in middleton for 10 days.
something to look forward to, though, is that we’ll be very busy when we get back.
on another note: i placed an order on amazon on wednesday and they still haven’t charged me. i think they’re ignoring my order because i didn’t choose 2-day or next-day shipping.


i made the horrible mistake of watching dr. 90210 last night because meet the feebles wasn’t cutting it. the shallow, self-centered idiots that get fat sucked out of them, and plastic things inserted into their cheeks, and bubbles of silicone inserted in their chest lessen my faith in humanity tenfold.


it didn’t go so well last night. you know the kind of nights where you fall asleep at 10:30, wake up at 1, fall asleep at 1:30, wake up at 3:17, fall asleep at 3:45, wake up at 5:18, happy that your alarm won’t go off for another hour and then at 6:15, you snooze and then decide to reset the alarm for 7, forgoing any time for a shower? that’s what i did last night. the worst part is that most of the sleep-time was taken up with work-stress dreams. i’ll tell ya, the week-long holiday i’m about to have can’t come soon enough.