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i had been meaning to post about this for a couple weeks now…
a friend of mine was biking his daughter to school recently, when he heard a noise and turned around to see that a mini-van had hit his daughter (at a very low speed), and she was laying on the ground, no longer on her bike.
no one was injured.
but he received two ordinance violations; one for not having registered his bicycle, and another for riding an unregistered bicycle!
imagine my surprise after having just had my bike stolen.. no one with whom i spoke had anything to say about the fact that it hadn’t been registered. according to the bicycle registration website, registering increases the possibility of a stolen bike being recovered; even though i had the serial number, which is all that is really needed (aside from a description).
the site also states dealers are required to register bikes at the time of sale (wouldn’t that have been handy!) but willy bikes said nothing about it when i replaced my stolen one with a spiffy new one.
so, i’m still trying to decide whether or not to register. and if i don’t, whose nose i’m actually rubbing it in.