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i’ve maintained the eastside madison bloggers webring for over five years, and recently, the free web-based company that supported it changed their business model to less of a “ring” and more of a “we keep your links here”. in addition, they’re requiring advertisement of their site in close proximity to the webring link (which just takes you to their site where they list all the participants of said ring). see? lame.
so, this morning, i sent an email to the seven remaining members (one of whom is the boyfriend of an acquaintance… two degrees* of separation in madison).

hey guys, it’s been a long, fun time… but ringsurf (the free site that powers most of the webrings on the internets) has gone and gotten all lame and weird and it just doesn’t seem worth maintaining the ring anymore. webrings have gone by the wayside, being replaced by slightly more interesting social networks like talking, and bars. :)
there are only eight of us, so i don’t presume this will cause much of a stir. i’m going to delete the ring which will probably break your links.. so update at your leisure.
and thanks for hanging on for so long. :)

*thanks so much for your help, kevin!