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i’ve been making my lunches for the week on sunday evenings for about four years now; it’s helped me to expand my cooking abilities, food tastes, and cookbook collection. i’d been doing salads in jars for a while, but veggies in the winter around here just aren’t worth it, even tho coming up with new dressings is fun.
my workplace break room has three microwaves for about sixty people, and i loathe standing in line for anything, let alone when i’m hungry.
enter the lunch crock. i’d been coveting this little bugger for a while now, but just couldn’t convince my wallet to spend $20 on it. so, one in bored moment, i was checking my email spam folder for errant emails that had made their way into it, and saw a marketing email from crock pot telling me that these were now on sale for $10! plus, free shipping if you spend $38! that just so happens to be $2 more than four crocks. which also happens to be the number of crocks purchased by me.
i’ve used it for a couple weeks now, with great success! this week, i made lasagna and am testing the crocks abilities to handle pasta; i’m not worried.
i’ve also sold two of the four crocks.