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just a little complaining

usually, if i tell a story to more than one group of people, it’s important enough to blog about.
so, tuesday night after work, we go to the weary traveler to say bye to a friend who’s leaving town. i order a mandarin and soda, please. a caesar salad and two drinks into it, i ask for the check, to my surprise, my “mandarin and tonic”s were $7 a pop! i’m shocked and amazed. and of course, she takes like 20 minutes to come back and get my card (i had to charge two drinks and a salad because the $20 i thought would cover me didn’t). i say to her, “were my drinks really $7?” and she says to me, “i’m sorry, the only mandarin we have is hangar one” i’ve never heard of this vodka so i say, “i should have ordered absolut mandrin” and she says, “we don’t have that” and i nod knowingly at her, thinking, “yes, and then you would have told me that the only mandarin you have is $7 a drink.” little does she know that i am friends with one of the owners. and i’m trying to decide if i should talk to him about this or if i should just not imbibe there ever again.