Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

good times

the weekend was pretty great. we slept in a little bit on friday, and in lieu of breakfast, i had a craving for fraboni’s… so we headed over to the monona drive location (when *will* they finish the construction?) and then proceeded to black earth to check out what the shoe box had to offer. we found some nice shoes for matt in the bargain room; as well as some fancy wingtips, and i found some merrell shoes that are really comfy.
on our way back to madison, we stopped at the main street tavern in cross plains for a couple games of cribbage. it was kinda weird to have been in a small-town bar… but they were really nice and didn’t treat us like aliens.
then we headed to yue-wah for the ultimate (as far as madison is concerned) in ethnic shopping experiences. i got a bag full of poblanos for $1.99; that’s how much they are *per pound* at woodman’s. we filled a shopping basket and were surprised that it was only $30 for everything.
saturday was pretty mellow; we didn’t do a whole lot, which was nice. we tried watching team america world police, but i can’t seem to stay awake when presented with a movie anymore…
sunday, i slept in too late (as far as i’m concerned) and headed to mickey’s for lunch… it was an hour wait for food (thanks to the beautiful weather) so i didn’t even eat til 1:15. i managed to get to woodman’s while the game was still going on and got my daily snacks.
i made my tortilla fillings for the week… rice, roasted poblanos, onions, and fake meat crumbles. if i alternate ingredients, i might not get sick of it as quickly as i did the manicotti.