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don’t poke fun

i frogged the scarf, since i don’t like to have more than 3 WIPs at a time, and i didn’t think i’d have enough yarn for the width with which i started. i tried writing that sentance incorrectly, but it seems funnier this way. anyhow, the yarn for my very first sweater arrived today! i’ll tell ya, those denise needles sure came in handy. i manufactured a 32″ circ with that little kit. i didn’t even need to get mad at wiscocrafts for not having any of the right needles in stock. what a positive relief. anyhow, 138 stitches was a lot to cast on, and is a lot to purl around for an inch, but i find i like purling repetatively much better than k1, p1. it’s nicer to my wrists to do just one or the other. this yarn, on the other hand, isn’t as forgiving. it’s bernat illusions which, though it looks real nice, it’s very boucle-like and has snaggability issues.
on a down note, the mattel knitting machine buyer emailed me earlier this week and said it doesnt work (!). i’m refunding his money cuz i’m that kind of gal, but what am i going to do with a, now broken, plastic knitter? it worked when i shipped it cuz i made a 6′ tube-scarf out of it. anyhow, i’m chalking it up to an annoyance and will not get too worked up over it.