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don’t fret

i’m still around. my website host was bought out and i didn’t have access to my blog for a little while… then we went out of town for a day, and then it was the weekend. and now it’s monday.
the dogs got to stay at their gramma’s for the night on friday. they were beside themselves. that sounds weird.
the chickens are doing really well… except someone seems to be pecking at mary anne’s tail feathers, and when i attempted to catch her, samantha hopped out and ran around and around and under the neighbor’s fence. meanwhile, i put a nice gash in my arm because of the raw edge of the roofing material. i probably should have gotten stitches, but i didn’t want to sit in urgent care on a sunday night.
needless to say, we’re going to build two more ramps for the chickens to come in and out of the run.
also, i got some cookbooks from a friend who had to downsize into a tiny apartment. and! there is a new shop upstairs from mickey’s with nic nacks and paddy whacks… from which i obtained a hand mixer.