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damn felting

and damn spammers, too. it seems someone has harvested my email address and is sending mail on’s behalf. please know that i have nothing to do with it… and havn’t the energy to track down those responsible because they’re much smarter and faster than i.
i got a few more rows done on legwarmer#2 and got bored.. so i started the booga j bag. the kureyon stripes nicely so far.. i like the orangegreenblueyellowpink colorway of the yarn… now i hope that it felts right. i tried hand-felting the fuzzy feet and have determined that the yarn i used just isn’t interested in felting.. maybe it’s because the label says, “approximately 100% wool”. stupid approximations. oh, as i saw browsing through the knitting bloggers ring yesterday, i saw something about a yarn diet. i also read about some unwritten “no more than 3 WIPs at a time” rule. are there 10 more rules to knitting? we should make some up and start a support group. though, let’s keep any higher power out of it.