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¡¡tmi warning!!
if you’re a female who’s ever had a uti, you know immediately what’s going on. the wrinkle of the nose at the slightest inkling of needing to use the bathroom, the desire to curl up in a ball and sweat, the sleeplessness of having to get up every hour.
that was me last night. i had some red pills left over from last time, which at least allowed me to sleep for a couple of hours. i woke around 4 and, with some convincing, took a some aspirin. i described the feeling that i was trying to suppress as, “a balloon coated with sandpaper inside my bladder.”
my sleep was fitful until 8 when i decided i’d better get up and get things taken care of before sitting at urgent care; little did i know it would take the better part of 2.5 hours (from door to door to door). i had good company, so the time wasn’t intolerable.
the dr. i randomly got was really nice, and i don’t have a primary physician (i know, i know); but he only works at urgent care and not as a general practitioner.
additionally, i’m allergic to penicillin and nitrofurantoin, so we’re trying a sulfur-based antibiotic. hopefully i don’t wake up saturday morning covered in hives, cuz that would mean we’ve run out of bug-killing pills.
in other news, because of the urinary analgesic, my pee matches my hair color; orange.