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$2.35 and 9/10ths

what with gas skyrocketing 6 cents overnight, i started thinking about how i’m uncarpooling and what affect that might have on my pocketbook. you might think i would have taken that into consideration before stopping, but i stopped for other reasons; i’m not rich. i’ve calculated that at $2.36 a gallon, and an average of 25 mpg (i know my car gets more, but i’m accounting for error), i’d save only $11.80 a month. you might be saying to yourself, but that’s almost $150 over a year’s time! well you, i do a lot of other things that i could stop doing that could save me more than that per month; like incessant eating out. therefore, i drive solo.
EDIT: i did that way wrong. i was only going one-way with my calc, so double everything (except gas and mpg).