another long weekend behind us… i hung out at mickey’s on thursday night while matt worked; resulting in a sleepy-in friday. after a dog walk and some errands, we biked downtown to exercise our right to assemble. the sight was amazing. the capitol rotunda was packed full of people who had been there since tuesday… there were balloons being popped about, and someone was playing a bucket as a drum. we warmed up at the ‘dise a couple times before giving up waiting for jesse jackson to speak… we biked to the wisco and then to mickey’s before heading home.
we spent most of saturday in lazy seclusion, watching dead like me and knitting.
i was really sleepy on sunday for some reason; nora eventually gave up and shook me out of my slumber. they’re so patient.
also, a neighbor reminded me that they’re going to begin our street project soon… i’m not sure what that will mean in regards to parking, hopefully i can still get in and out of the driveway. so, by mid-april, we’ll have a real street with curbs and two rain gardens at the creek. apparently i can pay the bill in its entirety without interest by october, or annually over the next eight years… i should reread the fine print.

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