we had another great weekend, complete with yummy food, good pool, and laughs and laughs.

friday was a buncha pool and some chicken for dinner

he had to finish up a paint job on saturday morning, so i headed to costco and woodman’s by myself. we both got done around the same time, which was good cuz the hanger had started in. we didn’t make it to brunch until noonish, but a happy surprise was at mickey’s. josh finally came back!

we played some pool and went home to try to watch the fifth element, but it wasn’t received well, so we opted to stop. i think it’s one of those movies that you had to see when it came out (almost 20 years ago).

sunday was another brunch/wilson’s-for cubs/pool/home day. softball practice was canceled, likely due to the field condition.

i was supposed to go with lance to menards one of the days to collect materials for fixing the deck, but our schedules didn’t coincide.

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