weekends will be the hardest

i’ll stop with the star trek time-keeping reference. it’s already gotten old.

i’m good at spending time by myself, but i don’t know how it’s going to be when i’m not waiting for matt to wake up to get going with the day. but, before i worry about that, i’m going to enjoy the last few weekends we have together.

mom and i spent a lot of saturday with aunt sue and gramma. i couldn’t eat, but we met up at the cobblestone in downtown dodgeville and chatted for a little bit. then we headed to gramma’s assisted living place to set up an amazon echo in her apartment so she can call sue if she falls. i hope she finds the other features more useful, though. she seemed a little embarrassed to talk to a machine but sue tells me that she asked for the temperature this morning.

matt and i had planned for a not-date night, so when i got home, he had options (which he’s always good at). they were dinner at graft, stay home and play magic, or stay home and watch clue (my all-time favorite movie ever). since i’m not eating, i didn’t think graft was such a good idea. so we stayed home and played magic and watched clue.

since i haven’t been eating much of anything, i wasn’t that interested in dinner, but we ordered roman candle, despite the fact that they’ve been consistently bad, wrong, or otherwise the last handful of time we’ve ordered [subbing their regular pepperoni pizza for the more expensive one, forgetting matt’s tiramisu, sending the wrong (less expensive) candle stix]. last night, though, takes the cake.

we ordered at 7:07 and the email from eat street said it should arrive around 8:07. since roman usually takes longer, we gave them the benefit of the doubt. i called to check at 8:40 since we were getting pretty hungry. the gal who answered said she was going to check with the driver, came back on the phone and outright lied to me and said that he was on his way. 20 minutes later (9:00), the manager (alex) called me to say that the order came in but the kitchen ticket had not been created and that our order should be here soon.

at 9:45 i called back to say i didn’t want the food, they’d fucked up the last five times we’ve ordered, and that if the delivery showed up i wasn’t paying for it. i tried really hard not to be mad at alex, but i was dumbfounded that something could be so messed up. the delivery guy showed up and i said to alex, “if i tell him i don’t want it, you’re just going to have to throw it away, so you might as well give it to me.” he said to tell the delivery guy that i had talked to him and that i didn’t need to pay. the delivery guy was very sorry and apologetic but wtf. we finally got to eat *three hours* after ordering. it was so stupid because i wasn’t even hungry. needless to say, i’m never ordering from them again.


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