venus in retrograde

i don’t know how this shit rings true, but the horoscope i got from chani today has a few interesting snippets.

This, and every Venus retrograde, will always pull into focus your heart and finances. That’s because Venus rules your 2nd house of the work you do to support yourself and the money, resources and assets you have as a result, as well as your 7th house of committed partnerships.
With this specific Venus retrograde you are being asked to go through a therapeutic process in regards to these areas of your life. What isn’t working for you in love or work life? What about this moment is similar to what you went through 8 years ago financially?

my committed partnership is doing well, and my money, resources, and assets are in a way better place than they were eight years ago. it was about eight years ago that julie moved out after taking over the second floor for a couple of months and i was freaking out about having to maintain the mortgage without that rental income.

eight years ago is about when i started really looking to leave the doll factory because they’d eliminated my user experience designer position and laterally moved me back to a front-end developer. i interviewed in black river falls for a user experience position that i really wanted but didn’t get.

This new moon marks the beginning of something in this area of your life, but the beginning is intertwined with a transformation and review. Something about the nature of what you do for a living is in need of an overhaul, either in regards to your relationship to the work itself, or the relationships that surround it. 

thinking a little more about what isn’t working in my work life and sort of my relationship to the work itself: i’ve been feeling kinda stagnant at work since april. i haven’t actually really developed a website in over a year (it’s been almost exactly a year since my promotion). i’ve been feeling like i’m not technically proficient anymore.

i’m excited/not excited about a new project kicking off today. it’s in a cms that i hate but at least i’ll be responsible for making it technically successful. which means i need to stay on top of the plugin releases in order to make the right choice for solutions. 

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