sorry it’s been so long. i’m not doing much in terms of exciting things, so there isn’t a lot to chat about.
the chickens are not laying yet, tho two of them decided to hop out of the run after we opened it to retrieve shards of glass that they keep digging up.
we made some progress on the soft goods room, filing away all the great fabric and cleaning up the closet. now i just need to get that sewing machine up there.
i’ve also been coveting this bike; it’s only $220 with free shipping and i get three paychecks in november, so i’ll have some extra cash.
i’m not sure, tho, if i should wait until tax return season instead, since the road tires are no good on ice and snow.
speaking of! i’m excited to knit again. i have a half-done hat that i need to send to a friend in seattle… hopefully she’s not freezing!
i’m off work tomorrow, and am looking forward to sleeping in.

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