so this time, she got a bag out of the “office” which really belonged in the bathroom.. containing unimportant hair do-hickeys that i haven’t used in several years.
she also tore apart kurt’s wrist brace and the guide for the new cable machine.
i wish i understood what she is trying to do.. like, is she bored with her toys and wants to make a mess on the rug? or is she mad that she’s not getting as much exercise when they’re home with kurt?
either way, i’m wary to leave the house tonight.. i wanted to go visit kurt at the tavern (otherwise, i won’t see him til i get home from work tomorrow) but i don’t want to lock her in the bedroom cuz i feel bad. but if i leave her out and go, kurt will certainly be upset if she tears up any more of his dvds.
i’ll probably just stay home.
p.s., i thought about getting a webcam but i don’t think i can do automatic uploads to the server without special software. i’ll look into it. she’ll probably grab the camera off the table and chew it up.

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