turns out

i don’t have much to say unless i’m doing some sort of challenge.

i guess one interesting thing is that i’m mentally preparing to attend the 20th anniversary of a four-day camp-out rave that i went to in 1996.

it was a pivotal weekend in my life and i had more fun and experience at that party than any other, including the year prior, which was attended almost immediately after my last day of high school.

anyhoo, i have my ticket (they have old school discount pricing for folks over 35), and i’m deciding whether to bring a bunch of dehydrated food or just make some overnight oats and some basic bean-and-cheese burritos. i also need to stock up on glow sticks… and then there’s the adulting, like a towel, garbage bags, enough ice, toothbrush, and paste. i don’t think i concerned myself with those items 20 years ago.

stay tuned as i bulk up my camping gear and re-learn how to set up a tent.

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  1. I can get some dried fruit or protein bars at work! Also, their are vitamins now that are vegetable or fruit! Remember the ones I brought home years ago that were broccoli, etc. Ha!

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