the river

when i was a kid, mom and i would go hang at the river for a week each summer. gramma and grampa had a trailer right around this spot. so we had prime access to fishing and boating and fun.

we used to go out in the boat for hours. i would bring coloring books and beads and dmc floss (to make friendship bracelets) because *just* fishing was no fun. grampa knew all of the good bluegill spots, so we’d feast. and by feast, i mean, it took gramma hours to clean all the fish because they don’t have much meat on ’em and she’d fry them up and everyone would have to be happy with what they got because they’re so good.

tonight, i’m reinstating taco tuesday and we’re going to make fish tacos. fish tacos with bluegill because a friend from wilson’s gave us about a pound of frozen filets a couple weeks ago and i haven’t had bluegill in a million years.

i hope to remember to take pictures.

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