the little things

there’s a house on the dog walk that has a wonderful terrace and yard. she’s got (fruiting!) peach trees and all sort of other flora that i couldn’t even begin to name (aside from sedum, mint, sunflowers, rosemary, echinacea, milk duds [my nickname for milkweed], decorative grass, etc.).

there is this sweet little flowering plant that has leaves that look like maple leaves and i wish i knew what it was. the other afternoon, i caught a bee getting some pollen from it.

then this morning, while trying to be thoughtful of our houseguest, i quietly prepared my single cup of coffee, and the color of the oils on the surface of the bubbles caught me. i do this pour-over every morning while i think about the day and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. this morning, it stood out for some reason. i still have much of the day left to find out why.

the picture doesn’t accurately capture the oily, rainbow-slicky color. but, you may be able to imagine it.

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