summer summer summertime

it’s already going by too quickly. august is right around the corner and, before you know it, there will be frost advisories.

maintaining the bujo makes it a little easier to be mindful so time doesn’t fleet.

i’m still playing around with what i want to track and the most efficient way to do so. i’ve seen other folks track their sleep hours in a line graph and have considered doing the same, but i think i want to track each day’s sleep hours (because i can tend to toss and turn in the middle of the night) instead of just the number of hours, and i want to keep them close to the daily mood to see if there is a correlation.

if there can be such a thing as an issue with bujo, the issue i uncovered today is that i haven’t had time to set up next week but, since it’s friday, i have plans to write down for next week. i wonder if folks do a month at a time? i feel that, since i’m new and making changes, i don’t want to do a whole month’s worth of weekly layouts at once. the struggle is real!

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