we got a lot of outside stuff done this weekend. geo came over on friday and mowed the lawn… it was starting to look like it had mange. we got our tomatoes in buckets, i planted cukes, radishes, and onions… put a pepper and tomato into the raised bed, and repotted the herbs.
the neighbor to the west is getting a new fence… while we were gone for lunch on saturday, she weed-whacked all of my poppies (and some other plants); i almost started crying when i saw it. hopefully she’ll leave the fenceposts where they are and i’ll just have to wait another year to see them again…
i also got a scoby mother to start making my own kombucha. thanks to my sweety and his propensity for collecting glass containers, i won’t have much trouble int he way of storage.
also, he has a sh*t-ton of tea.

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