i got home to a nearly empty house. he had run out of time, so the cats were still here. a fact which i was surprisingly happy to learn about.

after a short sob-session, once i realized this was my future, i separated out the vinyl that i think is mine but really have no idea because i never played any of it on his turntable and i don’t own one myself, so i don’t even know why it matters.

then, i and the four-leggeds hung out on the couches while i played fallout. i’m nearing the point in the game where i need to do some longer missions in order to level up so that i can do the even longer ones. so i have to save those for a weekend.

i went to bed embarrassingly early and woke up for an hour or so at 1:30 and again at 5. the alarm went off and i snoozed cuz i was back into rem sleep.

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