all summer, i’ve been hanging out at wilson’s. and if you only know one thing about wilson’s, it’s that there are 28 tvs (give or take) and some form of sports is on every one (except the one that sandi leaves on cnn).

to be funny, i yell, “first down!” at a base hit or raise my hands like the refs for the extra point kick and yell, “gooooooal!” i even refer to ryan braun as aaron rodgers sometimes because i think it’s a hoot.

well, it turns out that rodney’s affiliation with the chicago teams is not a popular one, which makes wilson’s an annoying place to be when the brewers or packers are playing.

so, i bought a tv antenna. and we watched the bears v packers game from the comfort of the couch and about 80% less yelling at the tv. 

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