i haven’t had a whole lot to talk about.. been outside and on the bike a lot. i tried not to use my car at all this last weekend and was almost successful. i couldn’t get kurt to bike to breakfast on sunday am, so we drove. but i did hook up the bike trailer and cart it to woodman’s. i’d like to get some side baskets but they’re so loud. and the forreal panniers can be very expensive. i’ve seen them for as much as $220 online.
my plants are doing okay… the hail on saturday took quite a toll on a lot of the leaves, but no fruit is up, so it might still be okay.
i’ve had quite a difficult morning so i came home from work at noon; but we don’t need to get into it here.
i made my first amigurumi this weekend. it’s for the little boy of one of the cooks at mickey’s:
amigurumi frog

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