i guess it’s kinda good to be by myself now so i can get clean data about my sleep habits and waking hours. instead of sleeping restlessly until matt gets home/comes to bed, i find that i’m falling asleep more… comfortably? i don’t sleep through the night, cuz my bladder wakes me up and the dogs usually go out at the same time.

it’s the falling back to sleep part that’s been a challenge the last couple of nights. tuesday morning, i woke up at 4 and didn’t go back to sleep. last night, i woke at 1:30 and don’t think i fell back to sleep until 4.

i did have an awfully weird piece of a dream tho. i was at some bar that i’ve never been, with josh. i ordered two shots of jagermeister (which i would never do) and the bartender said, “chilled, shaken, up, down, neat?” and i said, “i want two shot glasses with booze in them!” so he served them on a weird tray where the shot glasses clicked in — it appeared to be for ease of waitstaff to carry shots to a table, but i was right there. and then he went to complain to another bartender about having to deal with “the noob over there.”

daylight saving time begins this weekend, so hopefully, my sleep schedule will get back to normal. i can’t start working at 7am cuz no one else is in that early.

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