i’m not sure when it happened, but after we decided we were going to do this silly running thing, we knew shoes would be important.
i like to support local businesses when we can, and shoes are something that should be tried on… so we went to catalyst last saturday in order to prepare for our new endeavor.
the wife half of the owners was there and she was really friendly and helpful. they have a treadmill in the shop, and she uses it and a digital camera to record your feet while running to make sure you get an appropriate pair of shoes to fit the way you come up off the ground. we both ended up being pretty flat, which i think means we can get any kind of shoe? i’m not sure. she brought us each three pairs to try on. she also was kind enough to bring us shoes that were on sale since she knew it was our first time.
i mentioned to the same running coworker that told me about the stretches that it was like running on pillows!
here they are:

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