i used to take bob and zona* to oregon to the vet because they specialized in ferrets.. and i used to live in oregon. they were a good vet, but after zona died, and the little scheisse’s got bob sick, we started going to a vet that’s much closer; and cheaper. on or around the last visit to oregon, i picked up a heartgard for mom & geo’s (now deceased dog) callie.
fast forward ~4 years to yesterday. in the mail. a bill from oregon vet saying callie had a visit on 04/05/06 and i owe them $32.10. imagine my surprise. so i called them this morning and explained that i hadn’t had any pets visit their clinic for about 4 years, and callie has been dead for about 3. the girl asked me for a number where i could be reached. i told her i wouldn’t be able to help with anything because the bill doesn’t belong to me. she seemed hesitant. i’m willing to wager $10 that i get another bill in a month; with their generous 1.5% late charge added.
*bob and zona were my first pair of ferrets. they were the cutest things ever and they pooped everywhere. zona died under the knife, and bob came down with ece after we got rinky and tinker—any ferret owner knows about ece and how yuckyterrible it is. i won’t go into it.